Be a Zero Waste Hero

Instead of throwing away your stuff, use iCEEP to give them back.

Collection Service

Connect to iCEEP, return your old stuff and have them picked up directly from your home.

Reward Programs

Get a reward from your favourite brands by giving back your old stuff.

Recycling Services

Recyclable collection schedules & drop off locations, always available at the palm of your hand.

Did you know?

Shoes, sunglasses, clothes, toys, sports equipment, mobile phones, laptops, bicycles. 99 % of all the stuff we buy is trashed within six (6) months.

If we were to put all the waste of 2019 on trucks, they would go around the world 24 times.

The good news

iCEEP and some of your favorite brands are doing everything to be circular and zero-waste, philosophies that encourage all used products to be reused or recycled.

What if

What if all these things could be reused or recycled?

What if you didn’t throw them away but instead gave them a second life?

What if we collected them directly from your home?

What if you received a reward for giving them back?

What if all this information was available to you at the touch of a button?

“What if it was easy to
Be a Zero Waste Hero?“