At iceep, we believe circularity is not just about sustainability.

It's about building & maintaining loyal relationships.
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Why we love takeback so much...

Industries plunder our planet, hunting for resources to build the products we desire, only to mindlessly dump them in landfills. At iceep, we see hope and an opportunity for change in the circular economy - a system that perceives used products and materials as resources rather than waste. For us, takeback is the gateway to the circular economy. It is the simplest action a brand can take to start its transition to a circular business model. As a company, we are dedicated to ensure that this transition is smooth and exciting for our customers.

What inspires us the most is the application of technology and digitalisation to the takeback process, which offers brands an entirely new, fresh and dynamic way to connect with shoppers. These digital touchpoints position the exchange of products at their end of life at the heart of loyal and value-driven relationship between shoppers and their favourites brands. Enabling this connection is a gamechanger for closing the loop on products and materials.
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The takeback geeks, making circularity possible




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In the time it takes to read this sentence, another truck load of textile waste is being dumped in a landfill somewhere in the world.


Showcasing our commitment to innovation and sustainable progress

Our Journey

The key milestones, that have 
contributed to where we are today

Swiss Circular Economy incubator program

iceep builds the first digital takeback solution with its mobile app MVP

11 May 2020

Startus Insights

From 329 global zero waste startups & scaleups, iceep is listed in the TOP 5 Zero Waste Solutions enabling a circular economy

15 January 2021

iceep Community Grows

Amazing brands from across Europe start their journey to the circular economy using iceep as the takeback platform of choice

20 September 2021

Extending our Impact

After being voted the most popular Get In the Ring impact startup of Switzerland, iceep is one of 20 European startups to be invited to ImpactFest the leading impact event in Europe

25 March 2022

Pooling of resource

We successfully close our pre-seed round, inspiring smart investors that believe in our team and vision to redefine how we manage product and material flows at their end of life

19 September 2022

Nailing Product / Market Fit

Transforming our product from a third party app to an e-commerce plug-in, we bring our takeback directly into the sphere of influence of our customers and making it an integrated element of their digital experience which enhances their bond they have with shoppers

5 June 2023

Textile2Textile Loops

iceep is invited to join the Swiss government funded project Mono.Loop.Poly as an expert in the flied of takeback. Led by the Products & Textiles Research Group of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts and other swiss innovators in the space of textiles manufacturing and recycling, will pilot the full closed loop system for synthetic textiles

23 August 2023
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