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Enable your customers to return preloved items so they can be reused or recycled
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We throw out 800 laptops every second
We waste $500 billion of textile resources every year
$46.7 billion worth of unworn clothes in UK closets alone

iceep & our

Successful brands build loyalty, they don’t just sell products.

iceep incentivizes shoppers to move to the online stores of our customers by giving them a solution to their overcrowded closets, drawers and cellars when they are ready to buy something new.

Our takeback solution is designed to help brands own their shopping experience, and drive sales to their direct sales channels.

Our purpose is to make sure your brand and your products are infinitely loved and reloved.
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We help you match your products to the right recycling and end of life solutions in the market
We help you bring to life your second-hand strategy, giving your products a purposeful second life
We connect you with repair & upcycling partners in local markets to help you prolong the life of your products

52% of shoppers are likely to purchase from a brand that shares their values. iceep provides a consistent end-to-end customer experience that expresses your brand values

Why iceep

Our plug-in makes takeback an exciting, value creating feature of your brand's digital experience.


Expand Touchpoints

Double your engagement opportunities and increase your sales


Outshine Competitors

Elevate your brand's presence 
and stand out 
from the crowd


Understand Customers

Gain deep insights into customer preferences 
and lifestyle habits

Brand Partners

We proudly power takeback for these amazing lifestyle brands

Getting started

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Book an onboarding call with our takeback experts to build the framework of your takeback



Our tech team will install and place the plugin in your eshop checkout space



Login to your iceep admin space and keep track of your takeback and circular activities in real time

Are you ready to go

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Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else

Dont just take our
word for it..

Hear it from our customers
  • I think that your business can really make a difference and I am looking forward to a great long-term collaboration!

    Fabian Zbinden

    Co-Founder & CEO at BEEYOND
  • We are so glad to introduce our new take-back program with iceep! Giving a second, third or fourth life to our swimsuits has never been so easy

    The Team

  • It’s time to choose a responsible and sustainable production system, alongside iceep, for a better and a more durable world.

    Lucia Della Putta

    Founder at DanceFiber
  • Committed to our sustainable values, we work with iceep to build a circular future for fashion. We can’t wait to extend the life of our no longer worn garments with our takeback program!

    The Team

    Paradis des Innocents

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