Meet the smart, simple, plug&play digital "Trade In" platform, that keeps a brand’s products in the loop while increasing its customer lifetime value.


Tons of waste dumped globally, this year

2. Brought to us with love

3. Flaunted and loved

1. Created with love

4. Trashed, dumbed & burnt

Why Waste ?

Post-consumer waste includes products we cherished and loved: Our favorite clothes and shoes, accessories & sports gear, gadgets, toys and more. Why wasting all those things when we can reuse or repurpose them and keep them going?

Meet the iceep “Trade In” plug-in

We bring your Trade In program into your ecommerce space

Add value
across the

We extend the intrinsic brand value of our customers and help them deliver a service that goes beyond just selling products.

These are the brands that are already

on a circle with us

Ready to follow their lead? Book a demo with us & close the loop!

a constant dialogue
with our clients is of utmost
importance to us. iceep helps
us feed the dialogue and
build a stronger bond
with our clients."

“Having such a solution
for our end-of-life products
is definitely crucial for
MUNTAGNARD. We're looking
forward to starting
having returns.”

Stefania Samadeli
Founder of Paradis des Innocents

Dario Gruenenfelder
Co-Founder of MUNTAGNARD


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Join the iceep community and be part of the change!

iceep is your everyday tool to repurpose used items. We bring your favorite brands together in a mobile app, to take back your beloved things and give them a second life.

First things first… download the iCEEP app from your Google or App Store. Create your account and complete your profile. Browse through the brands and choose the item you want to return. As soon as you complete the return, the iceep bag will be on its way to your home. Did we forget something? Right! Time to check your virtual wallet. The next step is to redeem your coins to unlock your rewards!

You can return any product from a brand that is in the iceep app. We currently work on bringing more brands onboard. If you want to see a specific brand onboard, let us know by filling up this form.

No, the brands cover the shipping of your returns.

Every return you make gives you back a specific number of coins. You can let your coins pile up or redeem them right away to receive your Reward!

We work with brands that care. For the planet. For your experience with their products. For the responsibility we all have, to make a change with small actions.


The brands that partner with iceep are innovative. They want to invest in reusing the existing materials instead of exploiting raw natural resources. They take the responsibility to prevent post-consumer waste and give a breath to our planet. And to do so, they ask for your support.